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Computer viruses

Cause Computer Being Slow

YUKDIBACA.com  - Computer / laptop often hangs, slow, or die suddenly? Maybe your computer is being infected by the virus. A lot of speculation about the origin of computer viruses. Among them is as a spy or a spy, system hacking, data theft, to the destruction of computer systems. Has many outstanding computer antivirus list to address these viruses.
As a computer user, sometimes we are confused by the act of computer viruses. Has a lot of people today are traumatized because of the viruses so as to share files from one computer to another computer needed to be extra careful.
Perhaps this statement is a bit strange, but the manufacture of the virus is also not far from the business IT firms. With the spread of computer viruses, antivirus which certainly needed antidote. It is the field of business for the company based application security software providers, which make and market their antivirus.
Far from a negative bias, we should be grateful to the companies that provide antivirus, so we feel safe from virus attacks against the computers that we use.

Here are 5 list of recommended antivirus computer

1. Eset Antivirus
Eset Antivirus is a commercial antivirus software made by companies Eset. Eset products are divided into several types, but the most commonly used for personal computers is Eset Smart Security and Eset NOD32 Antivirus .
Each product has the features of each. Comparison and advantages of additional features become the benchmark against prices that are installed for each product.
This one antivirus antivirus relatively lightweight but very reliable to catch and clean up your computer from attack and infection by computer virus, of course, by doing regular updates.
2. Comodo Antivirus
Hear or read the name of this virus makes us think that this antivirus is the work of the nation (remember the island of Komodo), hehehe. Comodo Antivirus is an antivirus software made overseas that are freeware and commercial.
Comodo Antivirus is fairly powerful in driving out the viruses that tried to infect the data on the computer, either locally or over the network because it has been equipped with a firewall. Free price with promising features the advantages of its own for this one antivirus. Comodo Antivirus is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
3. Avira Antivir
Avira Antivir including antivirus software is old. Antivirus with the umbrella brand logo image is still a favorite antivirus computer users, especially those in Indonesia. Along with the development of technology, the company continues to embarrass Avira Antivir innovation to provide security services client computers to viruses.
4. Avast Antivirus
Ever hear antivirus talk when it detects a security breach computer systems? Well, that Avast Antivirus. Its products are also divided into freeware and commercial, with commercial products have more features than the freeware product.
Features a "sandbox" on the Avast Antivirus allows applications to run in isolation, so that the computer system security is maintained.
5. Windows Defender / MSE
For users of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has provided a special antivirus Windows is Windows Defender. As a developer of Windows, Microsoft certainly knows better defense algorithms and scan processes and embedded systems at this antivirus.
Windows Defender is only available for Windows 8 and above. For users of Windows Vista / 7 can use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).
That's some list of recommended antivirus computer . Every antivirus has weaknesses and strengths of each masing.Memasang everything on one system will only make the computer increasingly slowing down.

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