Dota 2's Settings for Playing on Computer with Low Specs

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Assalamu 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,  Alhamdulillah this time I will be bold to share the info to make arrangements dota 2 on a computer that is old school, or call it a low-end computer ... For those who do not know what game Dota 2, please jamming Google used or seen gameplay it on Youtube. @ _ @

Specifications for Playing DotA 2

First of all, we should be checking out the specifications of our computers. Minimal system is required to play Dota 2 in the computer based on information from a web page game-debate is just as in the following screen capture.
Dota 2 settings in low spec computers
Well .. if agan computer specifications meet the specification as shown above or higher, we turn to tweak the system. The average computer and laptop's built-in internal VGA vintage capitalize on Intel vendor or commonly called the Intel GMA / HD xxxx. VGA is pointless to render each frame graphics in the game, so you could say by playing games on the computer, we have been forced to work hard VGA (Wicked yes ..).

DotA 2 settings for Low Spec Computer (Computer Low-end)

Graphics Cards (VGA) on the computer can only work if the drivers have been installed. This driver is very influential on the performance of the VGA so do any nginstall driver.
Keep the drivers used are drivers from the vendor's website and not of Software Universal Driver or frequently used is the Driver P * ck Sol * t * on, because based on experience, using the universal driver will make the performance of the VGA inefficient that heat quickly. Every manufacturer is preparing VGA graphics settings at default driver to facilitate the user in tweaking.

Software settings Graphics Card Drivers

For its PC graphics cards use Intel, please open the Graphics Properties to begin setting up the graph. In order to smoothly play Dota 2, set the Graphics Power Plans to Maximum Performance in the Power Options menu (For some types of menu layout may be different). Keep in mind that the performance is inversely proportional to the quality of graphics.
Dota 2 settings in low spec computers
Press Apply / OK to apply the settings and then close. For users of the AMD Radeon VGA somewhat different settings.
Well, tweaking the system has been completed. Time for us to play the game ^ _ ^.

Configuration Settings DotA 2

Please open the game Dota 2 agan via Steam. When in-game, go to the Options menu and select Video.
Dota 2 settings in low spec computers
Dota 2 settings in low spec computers
In the picture above is a graph settings by accelerating FPS game without having to reduce the quality of the graphics too much. If, while playing the chart is still broken / low fps, Select Off to shadow quality and remove the check Vsync.

Additional Tweak Settings

For those of you who are still using the network operator and the very thought of quotas, can be set so that dota 2-saving quota. Normally, Dota 2 will spend quotas agan approximately 100MB for one play, and sometimes painful, especially if you lose in the game. Especially if the game "comeback is real" children dota term. Its setting in the Options Network. Select Low on network quality to save quota.
Dota 2 settings in low spec computers
Based on experience, by choosing this option, the quota can save 50% of the normal quota, TPI certainly get a ping rather high, about 150ms. But it was not bad for fast hand @ _ @

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