Easy Ways to Make Deep Flash Cable (DFC) for Xiaomi redmi Note 3

Deep Flash Cable (DFC) ready for battle
Deep Flash Cable (DFC) ready for battle
Alhamdulillah, after a long vacuum, finally able to write the tutorial again. This time I'll give you a tutorial how to easily create a Deep Flash Cable or shortened by DFC. What is the DFC? DFC is android usb data cable specially modified to force the android device go into download mode or  EDL . These cables are typically used in Xiaomi smartphone redmi Note 3 torpor.
This cable is very important for my friend who has a cell phone Xiaomi redmi Note 3 / Pro as a precaution when the phone is suddenly die and not be able to live again using the power button, even flashed could no longer because it can not go into download mode mainly not unlock the bootloader. According to this smartphone user community, the incident was a curse on redmi Xiaomi Note 3, it is those who believe yah. Although I personally never experienced it, I assume this is not a curse but a test of the Creator to give me a new science, hehehe.
Flash Deep cable is actually available and can be purchased at several stores buddies online, but if you feel the things that trouble, my friend can make it yourself. How to make it very easy and has proven to awaken redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro back from the dead surinya.

Before Prepared

Well we just start this tutorial because maybe between buddy there who have started groggy gegara redmi problem Xiaomi smartphone Note 3 / Pro pal a hard life. To be easily understood, the following scheme of DFC.
Tools and materials buddies need is:
  1. USB data cable android smartphone scars that are still functioning. Do not use a data cable redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro mate, suggested that former or less used because of these cables will be cut.
  2. Sharp scissors or a cutter to cut and peel the cable.
  3. Tape or insulation 

Work steps

After all the above ingredients available, it's time we make Deep Flash Cable with an easy and simple way. The steps to create the following:
1. Cut the USB data cable with scissors or cutter . The cable cuts will make the data cable is divided into two.
2. Exfoliate the skin on each end of the cable has been cut . After the skin is exfoliated cable, my friend will see 4 or 5 small wires colored.
3. Exfoliate too small cables so that the brass look . It looks roughly like the following picture:
4. Reconnect each cable . For the red and white cables to be taped as a precaution so as not connected. Green cable and the black cable is left alone without any masking tape, but given the distance to avoid contact. If there is a fifth wiring which is usually yellow, ignore it and do not need to be connected. Note the picture below:
Display data cable after reconnected
Display data cable after reconnected
Why not green and black wires taped? Because the two wires that is the trick of Deep Flash Cable to make redmi Note 3 / Pro go into download mode.
Deep Flash Cable (DFC) ready for battle
Deep Flash Cable (DFC) ready for battle
How to use it quite easily. First connect the data cable to the smartphone as usual, do not connect to a laptop first. Next, connect the green wire and cable brass black or fancy term dikosletkan (green and black cable is not detachable yes, just plug brass both). While both the cable is connected, plug the USB cable to the computer. Wait for 3 seconds and then split up brass green wire and the black wire as shown above and ensure that it is not connected during the flashing process.
When both are removed, then VOILA, redmi Note 3 / Pro pal directly into download mode and its USB port to read on the PC / Laptop. Furthermore, please buddy using fastboot flash ROM in order RN3 friend can live again. When the flash process is complete, the phone may mate will not auto-reboot, so you can simply remove the data cable and press the power button to turn on. Pressing the power button for the first time may take a few seconds, so wait until the smartphone turns on then release the power button.
Easy is not it? This trick I've ever tried to revive redmi Xiaomi Note 3 that can not boot even difficult to be flashed and work 100%. So do not bother to spend money to buy this type of cable. Well, happy to experiment and prioritize safety.

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