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The code "404 Page Not Found" error on the web server is displayed to the user when the url address being accessed is found. The point is, when the user types the URL address refers to a domain and turns the page for that address is not available, then the web server will show the code 404 Page Not Found them.
Display 404 Page Not Found error does not have to look plain, classical, or flat. A web developer is also given the flexibility to modify the appearance of the 404 on the website to make it more interesting and or to provide feedback to users accessing in order to switch to another page. Some CMS (Content Management System) has been providing a 404 page that can be modified by the developer's website, one of which is WordPress .
In the WordPress CMS , there is a feature to change the format of the url address to each post and taxonomy. This feature is called  the permalink  (not formalin yes ...). Permalink feature in WordPress is very useful for users if they want to change the format of the url / link post or page for several purposes, among others that the website url format is unique, memorable, or may want to migrate to or from blogger.

Permalink settings in WordPress
Permalink settings in WordPress

For example, if you previously created a blog on blogspot, it is generally address formatted posts:
Format url above last month led to years later posting addresses and closed with  .html . Well, if you suddenly want to move the website to WordPress, the website URL format must be adjusted as well so that we do not lose traffic, especially if the website is already installed Google Adsense. This is where the function of the WordPress permalink to perform the task.
In addition to adjusting the url format, permalink can also help to further simplify the url posting on the website example: " ". The URL format is certainly more modest when compared with the blogspot url above, and certainly more SEO Friendly.
But sometimes there are obstacles when changing permalinks on WordPress, namely the emergence of a 404 Not Found error on some posts when accessed using the new URL format. Some causes of this error by personal experience are as follows:
  1. You've changed the previous post slug after published, and then change the permalink.
  2. Permalink previously located at the end of the extension such as .html, .asp, .php, and others, but on the extension of new permalink eliminated

How to Deal With the Changes Permalink 404?

In order to avoid a 404 Page Not Found error when changing the permalink, pal can install a WordPress plugin that  Change Permalink Helper . You can just install the plugin through the menu add the plugin in WordPress.

Permalink Change Helper WordPress Plugin
Permalink Change Helper WordPress Plugin

This plugin can help to find the latest when the slug url url address is not found or url format has changed. But there are some formats that have not supported this plugin is still found previously permalink 404 error if an extension while the new permalink not have an extension.
Other bug is still not found a new address several posts with the slug that has been modified before. To that end, it has made some modifications to the source code of this plugin to fix those bugs.
Buddy can download and install the plug- Change Permalink Helper who has the modified by clicking the download url at the end of this post. If you have any questions or comments or would like to share the knowledge, please shared in the comments field.
May be useful ^ _ ^

Download Helper Plugin Permalink Change

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