Here's How to Prevent Virus Ransomware Wannacry order Not Affecting Computer

When you see Wannacry Ransomware Virus Infected Computer
When you see Wannacry Ransomware Virus Infected Computer

There is new virus that recently shocked the world, called the virus "Ransomware WannaCry". If the computer is infected with this virus, then all data will terencrypt alias computer is locked and can no longer open, but have the key to decrypt.
This type of virus known to infect only computers with Windows operating systems, but reported on how a news website and forums, this virus also began to infect the operating system Linux and Mac OS. Hackers who spread viruses ransomeware will ask for ransom of $ 300 / around 4jt to provide key so that the computer can recover after infection (no guarantee).

How to prevent?

In order for the computers we use are not easily infected by this type of virus and other viruses, we can do some anticipatory measures as follows:
1. Do not connect to the Internet (  )
2. Use antivirus (free / paid) that features a firewall and a sandbox / auto containtmen, do not forget to update regularly or good AutoUpdate enabled (first method does not apply anymore, Hurray  )
3. If you use the native Windows security updates patch. For Linux and Mac operating systems, update the system and security regularly.
4. Avoid pirated software, especially those with a crack. Pirated software and software source code crack can carry the virus. If you managed to avoid him, God willing, will be replaced with a better
5. Get a grip on downloading files on the internet. Although many buttons / links with the inscription download, choose the button / link truth. Jikat not know select which one, ask the more you know
6. If there is a file that looks suspicious, do not immediately opened / clicked 2x. Execution of the file if it is already known function.
7. Do not turn off the UAC (user account control) in Windows. What the UAC? That e recurring select Yes / No if you want to run the program. UAC can prevent programs from running automatically, depending on the user's selection
8. User specific email, use a reliable email provider like Gmail or Yahoo Mail because the provider can identify the types of emails that a virus or not.
9. If there is an email in the spam folder, delete it immediately without having to be opened.
10. If you receive an email with the contents of the link / file, do not click unless an unknown source or sources can be trusted email.
11. Avoid registering on the forum / website pirated software providers / crack
A few steps above inshallah can menghidarkan and prevent it from infecting computers. The hackers say that no system is safe, but we can also say that there is no attack that can not be resisted.

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