How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 / Pro Brick, No Boot, No Fastboot, No Download Mode, Blank Screen

Overcoming Xiaomi Note 3Pro redmi Brick, No Fastboot, No Download Mode, LED Blinking (
Overcoming Xiaomi Note 3Pro redmi Brick, No Fastboot, No Download Mode, LED Blinking (
For users Xiaomi redmi Note 3 / Pro, may have experienced a series of problems on the smartphone. Starting from sudden death, lag, ROM fake distribor and other problems. Generally the problem is found when you want to replace ROM to the official distributor of Xiaomi smartphones ROM with the hope to receive any OTA update release.
Xiaomi distributor replace ROM can be done by flashing fastboot rom for Xiaomi smartphone typically can not accept ROM flashed by means of recovery if the pre-installed ROM is not an official ROM of the Xiaomi. Fastboot flash ROM process as other smartphones do on a computer that is connected to the Xiaomi phone via a USB data cable. Software used to flash the ROM fastboot Xiaomi is MiFlash or Xiaomi Flash to the latest version of the software.
If you manage to do officeial fastboot flash rom Xiaomi, then your Xiaomi phone will function normally. However, if the flash process fails, then you will usually be confused by some of the problems associated with this flash process. Especially if you use redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro, while failing to flash the smartphone RN3 / Pro you might not be able to live longer or boot. And to make matters worse redmi Note 3 / Pro can not be flashed over. Outstanding problem here? Hehehe.
But you do not worry, this problem often experienced by some users Xiaomi redmi Note 3 / Pro and has much to overcome it so RN3 Pro / her to life again. I personally have ever experienced this that make me have to sit for hours in front of a laptop in order to find a solution, and thank God finally redmi Note 3 that I can improve more lives. By him that this time I will try to share a tutorial to revive redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro brick due to the failed flash.

Characteristics Problems redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro Brick

As the title of this article, the characteristics of the damage or the usual problems arising from the failed flashing on redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro are as follows:
  1. Mobile phones can not live and there are no signs of the boot.
  2. Blank screen presumed dead and no view at all. The display light is dead and can not be alive despite being dicharger via a USB cable.
  3. Notification LED lights in red on the top right corner redmi Note 3 / Pro only blinks when in charger or connected to a computer using a USB data cable.
  4. Unable to enter Fastboot Mode all the more Download Mode because the screen is turned off so that we do not know the phone in any mode.
  5. Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro undetectable in MiFlash on a computer so it can not be flashed over.
  6. In the Windows device manager, appears port HS-USB Diagnostic 900E  when linking RN3 / Pro to a computer using a USB data cable.
Based on my experience, there are at least six characteristics redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro brick for failing to flash as described above. If you also experienced that, God willing, this article can help you to overcome them.

Steps to Overcome redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro Brick

How to cope with redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro berick alias torpor is to re-flash the ROM fastboot. How do I do while RN3 / Pro is turned off and is not detected in MiFlash? This is a question that is pretty smart when subjected to these conditions.
First is to make sure that the phone was completely dead RN3 that can be set to go into download mode. The trick is to open the battery connector installed in mobile machinery. To remove it then you must open the rear casing RN3 advance with caution. After you successfully open it, then you will see the machine along with the connector attached phone. Disconnect carefully the battery connector and the USB connector on the phone machine and reinstall.
Be careful when opening the rear casing redmi Note 3 / Pro because there is a camera flash connector cable that attaches to the chassis to the engine.
Next go back to download mode by press and hold the volume + and - simultaneously and then connect the phone to the computer using a USB data cable. Remember, do not remove the two keys when the phone is connected to a computer. After the computer emit a tone that indicates the device is connected, simply unscrew the two buttons.
Open MiFlash and check whether the download mode redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro has been detected. If successfully detected by MiFlash, please do flash over again to turn the RN3 suspended animation. Where previously you fail to do flash RN3 / Pro because there is an error in MiFlash, you can read some of the following article to resolve the issue:
After the flash process is complete and successful, please restart your phone by pressing the power button. This process might take longer than the time dibutuhka when turned RN3 time under normal circumstances. Just press and hold the power button patiently until RN3 / Pro you alive again.

Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro Still Fail Sign Download Mode

When you have done the above but redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro you do not teredeteksi, please go to device manager and check the port that appears when the phone is connected to a computer. If the port that appears is the HS-USB Diagnostic 900E, means RN3 / Pro should be forced to enter into download mode. Easy and safe way is to use a cable DFC or Flash Cable Deep special Xiaomi. This cable will make RN3 / Pro go into download mode by force, it is sometimes recalcitrant need coercion, hehehe.
How to make Deep Flash Cable and how to use it you can see here . To overcome HS-USB Diagnostic 900E can you see here . After your Xiaomi smartphone is detected in MiFlash after doing these tips, please flashed over again.
If the causes of redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro you brick is failing to flash, then before you re-flash, first you have to solve the problem flashing as described above.
Hopefully after following some tutorial above, Xiaomi smartphone redmi Note 3 / Pro you can rebuild from the dead surinya. May be useful…

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