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Stronghold Crusader

Strategy Game Stronghold Crusader

Some PC games, especially games that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems usually have problems with the application exits unexpectedly such as with the advent of notifications "...  Has Stopped Working" . These symptoms often experienced when running games in Windows output jadul latest version like Stronghold Curasder.
For the computer game player strategy genre, would be familiar with this one game Stronghold Crusader namely that the theme of the future royal crusade Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayubi known by people west as Saladin.
Stronghold Crusader quite interesting to play because we really, must be able to restructure the economy, defense, public order and morality can easily build a powerful kingdom to defeat the neighboring kingdom. Here gameplay it (like Stronghold Crusader HD Steam version):

Stronghold Crusader HD Gameplay

Application Has Stopped Working

Behind the excitement of this game, sometimes we also find problems when they want to play, especially on Windows 8 / 8.1. Screenshootnya following:

How to solve the problem Stronghold Crusader Stopped Working

1. Check the VGA / GPU driver
When finished installing Windows, certainly not miss to install VGA driver in order to chart its finer and smoother performance. In addition to the default driver computer / laptop, sometimes we install the driver using the Universal Driver or Driver Packs Solution (DPS). Although its VGA detected and installed, the drivers sometimes do not match.
This driver problem also sometimes be the cause of such game Stronghold Crusader unworkable alias  crash . It is recommended to use the default driver computer, or use the driver of VGA card provider authorized driver.
If you previously had to update the VGA driver, downgrade back where Stronghold Crusader can run previously.
2. Check the settings of VGA
Often fiddling with software VGA? Perhaps our intent to improve the performance and success of the games that we play, but it will have an effect on other games. VGA configuration settings can also make game Stronghold Crusader experienced a crash  like  Stopper Working  mainly on features to  morphological .
If you have done the VGA setting, do the default configuration or the initial setup and re-do a test on gaming.
3. Run the game as Administrator
Windows 7 and above have the User Account Control feature to ensure that the program is run does not modify the system without permission. Some games require access to the system to run properly, including Stronghold Crusader. Stronghold Crusader game Run as Administrator.
4. Run the game in fashion Compatibility
Compatibility is a feature of Windows to run the Windows version of the program with other modes. This compatibility features can be seen in the file properties executive of  gaming (select the compatibility tab). Check the compatibility features and select Windows 7 If the feature is not available on the properties, perform troubleshooting  on the file .exe  game and follow all instructions of Windows troubleshooting.
5. Check the condition of the game files
Game crashes sometimes also be caused because the file was corrupted. Usually for games downloaded version  highlights compressed  so that no game data is broken. Damage can also be caused due to a virus or damage to data storage hardware. Whereby it is necessary to reinstall the game or download new files.
6. Special Windows 10
Open System Properties by pressing Win + X on your keyboard and then press " Y ". Then click the Advanced system settings .
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
In the system properties, click the tab Advanced and then select the setting for the performance tab and then click  Data Execution Prevention .
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except Reviews those I select".
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
Click Add , locate the program Stronghold Crusader.exe then click Open.
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
Click OK to close the settings and then run the game.
Troubleshooting Stronghold Cusader Has Stopped Working
Those are some tips to fix the game Stronghold Crusader Stopped Working on Windows. If there are some other tips, please scribble on comments.

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