Tutorial How to Change the HS-USB Diagnostic 900E to HS-USB QDloader 9008 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 / Pro

How to cope with HS-USB Diagnostic 900e redmi Note 3 Pro (forums.oneplus.net)
How to cope with HS-USB Diagnostic 900e redmi Note 3 Pro (forums.oneplus.net)
After discussing the error "Hello Packet" redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro , this time we will discuss about the error that friend redmi com port Note 3 / Pro suddenly become  HS-USB Diagnostic 900E on the Windows device manager. If this port appears when you sign in download mode redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro, it is guaranteed RN3 / Pro not be detected in MiFlash so hard to be flashed again.
For my friend who do not know this problem because it has never been open device manager windows , ya me for a bit of knowledge about the com port for flash Xiaomi phones including redmi Note 3 / Pro. Normally that smartphone use is detected and can be flashed MiFlash, com port must be detected as a  HS-USB QDloader 9008 . This port will appear in the device manager if my friend were in a condition to connect the mobile phone download mode to a computer through a USB cable. Of course, my friend must also install the drivers first so that the port can be detected Xiaomi download mode in Windows. To get the drivers, you can just install the software MiFlash because this software does already include drivers Xiaomi phone.
In addition to the HS-USB QDloader 9008, then certainly the port download mode Xiaomi phone will not be detected in MiFlash. Examples are as described above before, port download mode suddenly changed into a HS-USB Diagnostic 900E. If my friend experienced port is not detected in time will be flashing MiFlash fastboot rom Xiaomi, pal can check the device manager, who knows the cause for changing the com port.

Port Download Mode Changed Benjadi HS-USB Diagnostic 900E

Why port download this mode suddenly changes resulting Xiaomi phones can not be flashed? This is my question when we've got this problem, especially since smartphones are my life flash initially but after I try to flash, this smartphone directly Matot alias total dead and can not be flashed. My smartphone model redmi flash is Xiaomi Note 3 Kenzo.
Initially RN3 still on. Just because I feel ROM drive installed is unstable, so I took the initiative to fastboot flash ROM redmi Global Xiaomi Note 3. When the first flash, the port is still detectable in download mode MiFlash flash so I just normally. Unexpectedly appears error "not enough storage to process this command" and stopped alias flash process fails. Feeling curious with this error, I again tried to flash back to remove and install the USB cable port RN3 and pass this error. So I assume that the reason is because the phone is hardbrick failing when flashed, this experience is my own experience.
Then how to overcome these problems? Repeat all the steps to enter download mode sometimes does not succeed and remain HS-USB port Diagnostic 900E. Remove and reinstall the port drivers do not carry change. Using DFC cable to force download mode is also sometimes unsuccessful. And frankly when it makes me a little frustrated.
Finally, because I think the phone is still alive (when the phone is in the blank), the download process mode of its failure. So I try to turn off RN3 forcibly by pressing the power button a few seconds. However, because there is no change then the only way to turn off the phone is to remove the battery connector from the machine.
First off the back cover casing redmi Note 3 / Pro with caution. Could use a thin and hard objects such as nails, for example. Unscrew were recent redmi Note 3 / Pro is not so difficult, some tutorials to do you usually get on youtube for more details. To be sure when opened, do it with caution because there is a connector cable that connects between the engine and the LED on the back cover.
After successfully removed the back cover, then you will see the motherboard or machine RN3. To make it really die you simply remove the socket menghbungkan battery and engine carefully using tweezers or fingernails. As a precaution, will also release its USB socket, then plug it back in both.
Furthermore, you can go back to download mode to re-flash the rom fastboot using MiFlash. Where previously you had an error Not enough storage to process this command  as I have and be the cause of error com port, my friend could see how to resolve here .
If you write difficult to get into download mode on redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro, my friend can try to use the means test point , or by using Deep Flash Cable . Deep Flash Cable or DFC is a safe alternative to force redmi Note 3 / Pro go into download mode because we do not need to dismantle phone machines. By contrast, if using a test point, it takes a special skill to be able to disassemble the machine and of course this mobile phone has a high risk.

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