Tutorial How To Fix Hello Packet Error Flashing When redmi Note 3 / Pro Using MiFlash

How to Overcome the Hello Packet error redmi Xiaomi Note 3 when flashed Using MiFlash (financialexpress.com)
How to Overcome the Hello Packet error redmi Xiaomi Note 3 when flashed Using MiFlash (financialexpress.com)
Redmi Xiaomi Note 3  is one of the most popular smartphone Xiaomi output is used mainly in Indonesia. RN3 is a new innovation from Xiaomi smartphone redmi replace his brother is Xiaomi Note 2 is also popular at the time. Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 itself memilii many versions of them RN3, RN3 Pro, and RN3 Special Edition. There may still be some other version I have not mentioned here, which certainly redmi Note 3 is also divided by the CPU used is Mediatek / MTK and Qualcomm.
With several features that appeal of Xiaomi redmi 3 / Pro makes the price of the phone is also rather expensive, perhaps for the lower middle class, but it can be quite inexpensive to elite classes. But the price is expensive and feature-rich smartphone is not quickly make it free from some serious problems. Why is a serious problem? Some users Xiaomi redmi Note 3 says that the phone has its own curse. Whether it was a curse or not, certainly I also never experienced it.
Some problems are often found in redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro often die suddenly for no apparent reason, can not boot, and problems when flashing using MiFlash. One that will be discussed here is the emergence of error warning  Hello Packet  when redmi Note 3 / Pro flashed using MiFlash. When this error warning appears, then automatically stops flashing process. Not only that, the possibility of redmi Note 3 / Pro will experience a soft-brick even hard-brick.

Hello Packet Error Cause MiFlash

After doing some experiments and observations each time flashing redmi Note 3 / Pro, I personally have concluded that this error is caused by RN3 who refused to accept fastboot flash a new ROM for the previous flash process has not been completed. That is why the error appears MiFlash Hello Packet.
In a system where previous flash process fails, the phone must be turned off before flashed with the new ROM. The problem is RN3 / Pro battery is not easily removable cropping up. In addition, to fully turn off the phone does not automatically by pressing and holding the power button a few seconds, because it will only make the phone terestart not power off.
That is, if the phone Xiaomi redmi Note 3 / Pro still be alive. What if unable to boot back and all of a sudden blank screen? We certainly do not know if the mobile phone is completely off or still in vogue download mode .

Eliminating Hello Packet Solutions

As has been previously described above, to remove this error then we have to turn off the power before RN3 phone before flashed back. How to make RN3 / Pro power off them is to wait hinga phones really lowbat . However, if it is considered to be quite time consuming, so we can remove the connectors between battery and engine redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro. How to?
First off the back cover casing redmi Note 3 / Pro with caution. Could use a thin and hard objects such as nails, for example. Unscrew were recent redmi Note 3 / Pro is not so difficult, some tutorials to do you usually get on youtube for more details. To be sure when opened, do it with caution because there is a connector cable that connects between the engine and the LED on the back cover.
After successfully removed the back cover, then you will see the motherboard or machine RN3. To make it really die you simply remove the socket menghbungkan battery and engine carefully using tweezers or fingernails. As a precaution, will also release its USB socket, then plug it back in both.
Furthermore, you can go back to download mode to re-flash the rom fastboot using MiFlash. Where previously you had an error such as  Not enough storage to process this command , you can fix this manner see here .
If you are hard to get into download mode on redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro, you can try to use the means test point , or by using Deep Flash Cable . Deep Flash Cable or DFC is a safe alternative to force redmi Note 3 / Pro go into download mode because we do not need to dismantle phone machines. By contrast, if using a test point, it takes a special skill to be able to disassemble the machine and of course this mobile phone has a high risk.
Similarly, how to cope with the Hello Packet error while flashing redmi Xiaomi Note 3 / Pro using MiFlash. If you have knowledge or science or other tricks to overcome this problem, please shared in the comments field below.

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