Tutorial How To Fix Not Enough Storage is Available to Process this Command on MiFlash

How to Resolve Not enough storage is available to process this command Miflash (forum.gsmdevelopers.com)
Error "Not enough storage is available to process this command" at Miflash (forum.gsmdevelopers.com)
Assalamu'alaikum buddy MIUIERS, on this occasion I will give you a tutorial to overcome  Not enough storage is available to process this command  when we do flashing on Xiaomi phones using MiFlash. This error warnings occur occasionally irritated because Xiaomi phone would fail to flash ROM and in effect, the phone will be soft-brick even to hard-brick.
The error that sometimes occurs usually happens when we do fastboot flash rom using the latest version MiFlash. The first time I got this error while flashing MIUI rom fastboot 8 on redmi Note 3. As a result, RN3 into a brick and can not live. It's kinda sad, sob.

Warning Causes Error MiFlash

Setelah browsing sana-sini, singgah ke web-web khusus membahas Xiaomi, mampir ke forum-forum Xiaomi, akhirnya saya menemukan solusi untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut. Awalnya saya mengira mungkin fastboot ROM yang saya download tidak cocok, atau kemungkinan hardware Redmi Note 3 yang bermasalah. Ternyata survei membuktikan bahwa tidak ada masalah pada kedua hal tersebut. Penyebab utamanya adalah MiFlash yang telah kadaluarsa, hehehe.
Commonly used MiFlash version is version 2015. That version also that I used for this and running smoothly while flashing redmi 2, redmi 3, and redmi Note 4, but failed when the flash redmi Note 3 with an error as above. After spending a few hours visiting multiple websites and forums, anyone has the same problem and he said we have to update MiFlash used.
Finally, I also download the latest version MiFlash Xiaomi's official website and install it immediately with the hope this issue can be completed quickly so that I could be playing Dota 2 back .
But apparently this was not fruitless alias again failed to relatives. MiFlash latest version of exactly the version 2016.08 it gives a new problem that port Note 3 redmi download mode is not detected . It's called the added problem worse because it is not a flash process can be done. So I went back again browse through any web and forums that discuss this issue for hours.

Finally Meet Solution

Finally, a user on one of the forums Xiaomi who advise against using MiFlash 2016.04 version to resolve this issue. Frankly to get this version MiFlash tricky. At least take time to look at Google .
Well, that time is not wasted my friend in vain to seek MiFlash 2016.04 version, I have prepared the link at the end of this article. Please pal download and install to complete. It is recommended that MiFlash and Xiaomi Flash installed on your computer buddy uninstalled before installing this version MiFlash so there is no problem in the future.
Once installed, please buddy buddy flash back Xiaomi phone as usual, God willing, this time the flash will not be error again with the words "Not enough storage is available to process this command". Oh yes, it is recommended to use 64-bit versions of Windows to perform flashing because according to the user on the forums Xiaomi, when using 32-bit version of Windows when using MiFlash many problems are obtained.

Download MiFlash 04/01/2016 64 Bit

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